an everyday account of toxic masculinity

Some dudes.  It’s not that a person may be wrong about something, but some dudes have to be definitively right about said things. Especially when it comes to women. I find it tiresome to be approached with “general consensus” information about the opposite gender. These men are bred out of insecurity, guided to see women only as potential partners and never only as friends. Using their current relationship or marriage as an “only if I were single” barrier because no universe exists where an available version of that man wouldn’t be trying to plow that woman. It’s not allowed because other borderline mental men told them that was the rules.

I had a a man tell me he never had friends who were girls, ever. This same man said he’d never marry or date an “impure” girl – a.k.a. a girl that would (at minimum) suck his dick on the first date (FYI his wife has only been with him. Good kitchen wench). Sometimes it’s that unapologetic – a woman reduced to a role hopefully she’s good at. But truth be told, this man’s wife could exactly the same person, not want to date, sleep with, or no less marry him, and he’d see her as completely different – one he’d view with disfavor.

It is easier to be a man in this world. A personal law of mine is to not have any expectations of others, male or female. That’s an easy law to apply when I feel zero expectations weighing on me from others like women do. It’s something men take for granted because we alone may not hold any expectations of a particular woman, but we can never experience the everyday pressure they feel approaching from all angles. To think if I decided to not shave for one month (currently true)and people actually judged and thought lesser of me for it. But replace my beard with makeup and my gender with female and that’s exactly what you get.

I guess I shouldn’t be shocked by how short-sighted some men are to separate the genders at a species level. You can look to traditionalism as much as you want, but to deny yourself the choice to act on your own accord is disturbing. A lot of men feel an entitlement to their freedom, yet they beg for a script to follow. It’s as if their lives aren’t their own.

I have a responsibility going forward to protect those people when I can from being subjected to such shitty derivative behavior. I understand that now, but I also need to stay conscientious to avoid the waste of breath and time being around it.