sleep discomfort

sleep discomfort

I wish I could lay like in a casket

Head facing the ceiling, gathering information from the tin lined ceiling

As easy as a trance, sleep conquering the eyes first and proceeding to move the remaining body to stasis

My pillow becoming a slippery slope of a deeper conscious state and disappearing into relaxation and rest recovery

Instead I fight with my side to eliminate every lump my neck finds

Until finally I lay on my stomach, opposite of my desires

And I compromise with discomfort to discover any reprieve I can grasp with my fingertips 

9:30 P.M. to 6:15 A.M. in bed, 3.5 hours of sleep acquired

Will the doctors laugh when I ask them to prescribe me a decent pillow and a crack in my breathing?

Or should I work three times as hard during the daytime to guarantee the aching will no longer hold me back from waking anew? 

by ty miller