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What creative connections are currently available for you? Are you finding any fulfillment you need from creating? The most challenging part of creating is finding satisfaction balancing purpose and resonance

Purpose is the easy part. Some things you were born to do. If the world was suddenly void of all living things, you’d still feel inclined to meet some form of the purpose you were born with. 

Resonance. Finding success isn’t worthwhile. Turning purpose into an American career has its perks but as the primary purpose of purpose, well not really. Being good at something is nice too, but that’s a wary position to take. Even if you were born to do something, things will always begin on the rough end and by some standards not good. True purpose will ignore this deterrent, so don’t sweat it. 

Purpose is relentless. If you’re keeping any clarity within, purpose is a relatively unconscious effort. We don’t have to worry about executing it, but with resonance we have no foresight. Sometimes the resonance will bring us critical acclaim or fame, a short-lived sugar spike of affirmation. Other times we’ll receive no reaction at all.  

 I try to break it down into simpler terms. 

We breathe in purpose. We breathe out resonance. One is the effect of the other. Tricky to resonate when ears aren’t always available though. It begs the question ‘What is purpose without effect?’ Purpose isn’t tethered to one idea though. You have to keep putting it out there, believing and hoping that eventually, over some amount of time, some of the resonance will find a landing spot. Creative connection completed, purpose no longer shooting blanks. 

Don’t deny your purpose the air it deserves. Keep giving the resonance a chance to find a home. Maybe not to a degree you could be considered successful by societal standards, but with any relating party that can take something positive away from your purpose. That’s true resonance. 

If you are able to let go and believe your purpose is inevitable, then as a result, you can believe that a travelling resonance will inevitably find something to reach.

by ty miller