‘quarters on the quarter’ – 1st qtr. 2019

Quarters on the Quarter 

moth pylon : pylon

‘Pylon’ feels mostly like a traditional and nostalgic piece of work, pulling from the most obvious realms of the classic shoegaze genre-scape. Nonetheless, the execution is so spot on that it manages to stand out on its own as both an homage to the old and new.


montana wildhack : soak

If ‘Soak’ sets a precedent for anything, it’s that Australian Aborigine land can be a fostering ground for some amazing shoegaze. ‘Soak’ is covered head to toe in wavering dreaminess carefully wrapped in fuzzy glory.


rei clone : greetings from somewhere

The fact that a song titled ‘Cenobites’ can be described as a dreamy and beautiful speaks volumes to Rei Clone’s ability to craft an amazing song while still keeping things tongue in cheek. The fine balance of fun punk and never-ending soaring guitar riffs is what makes this album such a standout.


astragal : ep II

If someone was looking for new post-punk recommendations, I would start here. Taking the cake on this EP is the single ‘Bloomer’ as one of those special songs that catches your attention immediately, establishing Astragal as a band that has fine tuned their sound to be indistinguishably their own.


Spare Change

fog : shine

As a huge fan of Pearl by Chapterhouse, I can’t help but feel like this is a perfect reincarnation – a lovely combination of simplicity and Madchester elements.