gender kill

everything is obvious already

never mind below the belt

anything that is real is implied

important when it matters

not important where it happens

and our parents sometimes understand

but forgive them unless they won’t let up

needlessly and restlessly amped up to be right, they’re able to learn but maybe not

what’s alive is alive, evidence unfounded, still true in our minds

numbers are nothing but a bore

now imagine just two of them

understanding is to each their own

but so imperative for some to take as their own

don’t speak to me with be a man or you know how women are…

honestly i barely know myself no less six billion people

i’m not concerned with fighting a fight, PC culture sometimes crossing the lines to become what they loathe

just let people have their confidence where they find it

never mind the demand to make sense of why the children are fucked

the future generations can live only their future, so keep to the parameters of your body. i swear it’s the limits to your reigns

man, woman, whatever. i don’t care.

forget the praise. be unforgivably you.


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