gender kill pt. 2

Everyday I’m reborn into a different mood surfing a giant wave capturing my general demeanor. I used to get upset. Now I embrace whatever I wake up to. Being joyful about the impermanence of anything is the most terrifying feeling the first time you feel it. When you’re finally able to tap into your full Atreyu and get across the Oracle laser beams, then you realize how much you appreciate it. Short bouts of happiness outweigh long stretches of sadness. Flip it, I still believe it.

My mom told me I was a listener by choice. A toddler never in need to put it out but only take it in. I forgot for awhile that I needed people to do either. No matter the way I feel about people, it’s a fact that I trust rarely. I stopped caring why. But I figure it’s got something to do with people not picking up on it. I can listen with ease, I trust where I’m allowed.

Honestly I’m over using romance to find identity. I’d rather be brash. Communicate with no hesitation. Start to believe in this Leo mood, whatever that is. Call me condescending even though I asked a question. Answer it, we’re not getting any younger.

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