• A word that feels reserved for artificial intelligence
  • How can you apply it to anything human?
  • Surely chemistry is more organic, more in line with what makes up us
  • Compatible sounds like a third party computer processor making a decision for consenting and fully able beings
  • Pretty insulting to some degree
  • Intuition would have been a more suitable piece of vocabulary
  • How do you tell someone their future is hard to see though?
  • Let the computer do it I suppose
  • Yet my intuition wasn’t a completely reliable source, one might say incomplete
  • Let’s say 55-65% complete
  • So what we’re saying is that both the arrogance of the CPU and the statistical data of our intuition didn’t have complete information
  • Now is the time, do or die
  • I can’t blame myself, I’m only human
  • So let’s blame the CPU
  • …and we’re not compatible?
  • Fuck you computer boy

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