Information overload. 

Priorities are to be put in place. We’ve got Project A & B in motion, and Project W is currently in development. We make the money we need to eat and pay our debts, but we simultaneously slave away on labors of love. Speaking of love, shouldn’t we be considering that too among the projects?

Great, let’s set up another dating profile, sift through the shit to find the one woman not quoting Michael Scott. Then, among the candidates we’re actually physically attracted to, look for some unseeable intimate and unique reflection of someone who might just avoid the resume and small talk. 

The truth is I don’t care how haunting your past is or any dreams you may have for the future. Admit it, you feel the same about me because it indicates nothing about who we are right now, nor should it. Can you exist in this present with me, or do we dance between what your friends expect and what you actually feel? Everything about you was so beautiful until you started throwing your idea of a self-perceived external opinion at yourself. 

I never gave a shit about the things you do, did, or will do. The things that you label yourself with: dog mom, drug user, football tailgater, or kawaii as fuck. I loved the person you are. The person I see when you turn off the neon sign and allow my eyes to adjust to the dark and natural.

To create an identity out of talking about the mortgage or getting high to escape the sins of this very existence is taxing for me, but welcome to 2019 dating for ages 26 and up and/or on your way out. 

Constructive self-criticism now. My downside is I’m often too quick on the draw in revealing myself, too open and too kind to those I choose to trust too soon. Not considering the fact that everyone crushes on their own pace leaving myself an open field to rain down hellfire of truth-dodging tactics and a lack of peace of mind. I just wanted to get close to you to avoid the noise, not bathe in it. 

Dating isn’t bad, but it’s often not for me. 

by ty miller

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