night time driving

night time driving

Again, I’ve left her apartment past midnight. On a work night at that. What a stupid term – work night. Much like school night. Why bother describing the evening if your mind is on the next day?

She moved further out to a more accepted part of the city. Target Superstore nearby. Chik-Fil-A drive-thru line regularly wrapped around it. Extending my drive to 7-8 excruciating minutes of slightly worn Interstate. Apartment complex, fairly new. Parking spaces limited, so three buildings away it is. Eventually I make it to my car.

Four speed bumps later, the next obstacle – the gate. How close to approach before it starts opening? Here’s an inch. Nothing. Okay, another. Nothing. Fine, take a couple of feet. WHOOSH! Oh shit, reverse reverse reverse!

Now I wait. The street is running perpendicular up ahead. A dead and clear backdrop. Nothing to contemplate or dream of. Just the 7-8 minutes between this gate and my bed.

By ty miller


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