‘quarters on the quarter’ – 2nd qtr. 2019

Quarters on the Quarter

seventeen years : lp17

It feels unusual to praise an album for efficiency, but ‘LP17′ is a showcase for such the description. Everything works in Seventeen Years’ latest release.  Each song is consistent within a two to three minute range with compact synchronization of flowing synths, bouncing guitars, and sleek programming. Most notable is that all this flies without sacrificing effective and impactful songwriting. Efficiently executed.

recommended song : ‘dread pt. 2’


clouds are learning : clouds are learning

Full disclosure : Prepare yourself for a CAL love fest (see Spare Change below). The self-titled album from Argentina’s Clouds are Learning is an euphoric ambient experience best approached in its entirety – super suggested for sleep or night time listening. Each track begins quietly with a layer of white noise before trekking back and forth between gazey guitars,  field recording samples, background synths, and relaxing beats, all while avoiding any dull ambient repetition.

recommended song : ‘broken april promises’


blankenberge : more

Let’s face it. These guys are on another level. ‘More’ expands on what was already a wildly unique blend of shoegaze, dreampop, and post-rock to include new instrumentation and cleaner elements without jeopardizing the familiar yet contagious sound from ‘Radiogaze’ and ‘Blankenberge’ EP. Also worth noting is the newfound focus on the technical craft of each song, allowing Blankenberge first class access to said other level.

recommended song : ‘islands’


trillion : when i wake

How does this EP make me feel? I imagine adventuring across seven different terrains spanning the four seasons battling giants, demons, bears, and other ghouls that only the imagination of an only child like myself could conjure. I see myself falling in love with a siren bathing near the shore, meeting worthy comrades who assist in the slaying of previously mentioned beasts, all to discover at the end of the journey the quest was what I sought all along.

TLDR: Noisy, guitar ear-breaching, textural and drone-y, satisfying and lengthy (in the good way)

recommended song : ‘circles around me’


Spare Change

clouds are learning : stolen youth feat. kizzylotus

As previously mentioned, this entire album is best experienced as a whole. Still, Stolen Youth is an exceptional piece I was drawn to instantly and repeatedly. With an incredible trance-like background accompanied by haunting and melancholy vocals capturing feelings of longingness, Stolen Youth navigates its thematic angles perfectly. You should let it haunt you sometime soon.


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