‘quarters on the quarter’ – 4th qtr. 2018

Following every annual quarter, I will post the best-of releases titled ‘Quarters’ with a short blurb review alongside the best single of the quarter titled ‘Spare Change’. Here are the best releases from October, November, and December 2018.

Quarters on the Quarter

Once Grace Forever : Once Grace Forever 

The clean and crisp production value on this album is most notable. Not to mention the music itself will keep you engaged – from the spooky synth sounds throughout the opening track ‘She’ to the cinematic conclusion of ‘Radiate’, this is a must-listen blend of shoegaze and post-rock.


The Bradley : Seasonal Affective Disorder EP

Traverses lyrically across a gothic landscape of personal struggles, sadness, and regrets. After winding through the first two tracks,  ‘King’ is the most thrilling with its finishing scaling instrumentation. Even ‘End’ holds merit as the self-aware outlier.


Lightfoils : Chambers

This album is BIG – I mean this in the highest form of flattery – an infectious piece of work that leads to soaring decibels. The first single ‘Summer Nights’ is the obvious stand out, but ‘The Bitter Over’ with its climbing bass lines and charming melodies challenges to be the show stealer.


Purring : Demonstration EP

Containing the precise amount of noise and melody, this EP balances being a great work of shoegaze while capturing the best aspects of college rock radio. From the catchy opening hook of ‘Tongues’ to the white noise escapade that is ‘Sucker’, Demonstration manages to keep your ears perked high.


Spare Change

Whitelands – Fluoxetine

The best single of the quarter goes to Fluoxetine by UK based Whitelands. An exceptional single usually contains a powerful chorus, but rarely do melody, lyrics, and music in one chorus mesh so well it hurts. It does indeed haunt my dreams…


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